by Death Crisis

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released December 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Death Crisis San Diego, California

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Track Name: Don't even question why
The rich and elite have sounded their call
To make you apathetic, powerless and small
You do everything you're told to do
Money, career, and debt are for

Don't even question why x4

The Church is your savior and the only way
You'll live forever, just give and obey
Ignore the past times that are cruel and cold
You can't understand "him" - it's what you've been told
You live in freedom - it's what you've been told
A complete fucking lie - is what you've been sold
Its all that you've heard since you were five years old

And kneel - To the ones who make your choices
And kneel - To the powers in control
And kneel - To your superiors

Dont even question why x4
Track Name: Fear Buyer
Living in terror
Locked behind a door
Glued to the TV set day and night
Why ever get out
Why ever live life

You don't care how much it costs
You just want to be safe

Freedoms removed
You say its worth the cost
Watching the world from behind a blind
Fear makes you locked in your house all the time

Car crash, Drive By, Terrorist Attack
Take away my rights so you can feel safe
Track Name: Indoctrination
Brain washed youth
Hiders of the truth

Read, recite, repeat
Track Name: No History
Wiped off the planet
Never there
After 1948
Don't say a word just look the other way

No history
Culture Destroyed
Nowhere to run
By Greed and zeal
No history
Zonist agenda
Nowhere to run
More genocide

Wiped off the planet
Never there
After 1948
Don't say a word, just look the other way

Nowhere to run
Culture destroyed
No history
By greed and zeal
No history
Brainwashed the people
Nowhere to run
To channel their hate

Two wrongs don't make a right
Track Name: Rock and Roll Monster
Raise your fists in the air
And raise them them like you just don't care
Rock and Roll Monster out of control
Feel the power of Rock and Roll

Made of thunder
Born in flame
Rock and Roll Monster going insane
Feel the power
In my soul
Feel the power
Of Rock and Roll

You know it makes me feel real good
You know if makes me feel alright

You know I'm ready
Lock and Load
One in the chamber
Ready to explode
One in a million baby
And this you know
Cause I was born
Born to Rock and Roll

You know it makes me feel real good
You know if makes me feel alright

Feels so good
Feels so right
Cause I was born to
Rock and Roll
Track Name: Secrets and Lies
Pull of the veil that covers your eyes
Lives are controlled by their secrets and lies

Lies to protect, hearts full of hope
Lives are controlled by their secrets and lies

He is the light he is the way
Lives are controlled by their secrets and lies

The white bird of peace has just shit on my shoulder
Queen Semiramis smiles
As I regret the day that I loved her
And I believed in the lies
Contaminating vaccines injected into you
And a selected few for population control
Now you're going to die
The whole plan is reaching completion
By the day, by the hour, by the minute, by the second
Fascist agendas on your TV
Illuminati front men playing the heroes
Saving the earth, fighting for hunger
Weather controlled by machines
It's all a part of the veil of secrets and lies
Track Name: Stagnant
A bad taste in my mouth
A full stomach but not content
I know I'll make things better
My rage wont fix shit
Against the grain but whats the use
My vices have now become habits
Apathy runs through me
Like the blood in my veins
I've lost all hope for the human race

Sometimes I'm feeling
Just like I'm drowning
In a shallow pool
Of stagnant water
I know I can get up
But I refuse to stand up
Why not just save it for tomorrow
I look in the mirror and I don't see myself
My soul is crying and feeling bone dry
But I'm nowhere in sight
Track Name: What Life Will They Have?
We're all fucked
Get me the hell out of here
Look around, do you see things getting better
Oceans are dying
Over fished no one gives a shit
Killing the planet
Kyoto was 10 years ago
You want change, but don't want to give up your plastic bags
Your apathy is not going to change a god damned thing

Who gets the "Green Business" Award of the Year
Exxon because their money says that they care
Wait for the Government to make all things right
If they say "change" enough, we will believe them
The drought rages on and the reservoirs are dry
Don't make us give up our green lawns in the dessert

Keep shitting out kids (cats)
Does anyone wonder
The planet is dying and its all our fault
What life will they have?
War torn because we cant be bothered
What life will they have?
Because it takes time and costs a few dollars more
What life will they have?